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I’m sitting in the back row of a mega-tent in Paris, surrounded by fashion students, buyers, editors and movie stars, and watching THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CATWALK SHOW I WILL EVER SEE IN MY LIFE. It doesn’t matter that it’s hot in here. It doesn’t matter that everyone around me looks so unbelievably chic I might as well have shown up in my pyjamas (actually, the kimono I’m wearing does have a hint of pyjamas about it). It doesn’t matter that beside me a fifteen-year-old in a serious afro is jiggling with excitement and making her chair wobble. It’s just good to be here. Dior Haute Couture. John Galliano at his most incredible best. Skirts and jackets that are so huge and theatrical they’re almost impossible to wear, but so exquisite you want to spend the next year examining every inch of them. Fabrics that burst with colour and drape like magic. Shoes that are perfect pieces of sculpture in their own right and belong in a museum.

About the book

Now in their last school year, best friends Nonie, Jenny, Edie and Crow are so close to beginning glittering careers.

So why do their challenges suddenly seem overwhelming?

The girls have choices to make: Who will wait for fame and success? Who will emerge an outright star? Who will fall in love? And who will turn her back on all her dreams?

Third in the fabulous, sharply observed and compassionate series which started with Threads and Beads

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Press reviews

“Sequins, Stars and Spotlights is my favourite of the three books ... I challenge all of you to pick up this series now if you haven't yet. I promise you'll love it. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it'll remind you of all the things that make British YA fiction so great.”


“The third volume in the deliciously glamorous but also realistic Threads series sees the four friends on the brink of achieving the remarkable goals they have set for themselves ... The girls remain great role models for anyone with a strong ambition.”


Author notes

'Two of my favourite characters come together at the end of this book. Someone gets into Vogue, someone gets into college, and someone gets on Broadway. I loved writing this end to the trilogy!'

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