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Posted by Kesia on Thursday June 1st, 2017

The skies are clear (at the time of writing!), and we’re SO EXCITED to be launching a brand new debut. The Boy Who Went Magic, by the supremely talented A. P. Winter, is taking flight today from the Chicken House coop! This book is pure escapism: airships, a magical quest, a castle in the sky, a piratical professor, a snarky best friend, a girl with mechanical legs … what’s not to love?

They say magic is long-gone … but is it?

A chain of fantastical mishaps in schoolboy Bert’s dull life spiral out of control – but then he’s rescued by Finch, a plucky girl-adventurer with metal legs. Soon they’re sailing through the clouds on a pirate airship bound for the forgotten land of Ferenor. Magic is their destination, for reasons Bert will soon discover …

We think this book is like Howl’s Moving Castle meets Artemis Fowl – with a dash of the Pullman-esque. So find a patch of sunshine, lay out on the grass and lose yourself in this rip-roaring fantasy adventure of friendship, courage and discovery …

Read the first chapter here and follow A.P. Winter on Twitter!

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