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There can’t be many kids who don’t, at some point, wish they had a twin – better still, an identical one. A ready-made best friend to share everything with, starting with a womb. Publishing Manager Esther Waller picks five of the best sets of twins in children’s books (BOGOF).

1. PAT AND ISABEL from the St Clare’s series by Enid Blyton

These girls are spoilt ('I didn't even bother to look at the lacrosse sticks Mummy bought for us, did you?'), rebellious and determined not to conform to their new boarding school’s ways – classic Blyton. We also get the holy grail of literary twin devices when they swap identities.

2. TOPSY AND TIM from Topsy and Tim series by Jean and Gareth Adamson

Considering the original books are around forty years old you’ve got to love the natural gender equality between Topsy and Tim: they dress the same, have the same sense of adventure, get in the same kinds of mischief. Think Topsy, the pint-sized poster girl for feminism.

3. ELIZABETH AND JESSICA from Sweet Valley Twins/High series by Francine Pascal

Elizabeth is impossibly pretty, blonde and super-bright. Jessica is impossibly pretty, blonde and super-fun (with a tiny dimple in her left cheek). Bring on rivalry over boys, boys, boys, and being prom queen. In the later, darker series it even gets murderous ...

4. RUBY AND GARNET from Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

They may be wildly different but Ruby and Garnet love each other in a way siblings without matching birth dates rarely do, sharing a secret language and being a self-sufficient unit after they lose their mum. But the intensity can’t last as they begin to pull in opposite directions ...

5. * SPOILER ALERT * THE REBECCA TWINS from the Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Poor Will Burrows. What’s worse than finding out that your sister Rebecca is actually a villainous imposter trying to take revenge on your family? Finding out she has an identical twin, also hell-bent on destroying you ... and the pair of them just  ̶  won’t  ̶   die. Will nicknames them the ‘Evil Cows’, but I might go for something a bit stronger!

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