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‘Single victim. Female. Young . . . mid-twenties. Throat cut. Defensive wounds to arms and torso. No transformation.’

Oren circled the body, examining all angles. Still in human form, she was lying on the floor of her Upside apartment living room, ruining a perfectly good rug with her blood. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was stained red at the tips, and her eyes were still open, staring vacantly at the memory of the last thing they saw. He crouched and held a hand over her chest, a few centimetres from her non-beating heart, and closed his eyes.

‘Body core temperature cooling but not cold. Dead less than an hour.’

He sighed and got to his feet.

‘Blood spray on the walls indicates throat was cut before she fell . . .’ He paused, glancing at his notebook open on the coffee table. ‘Or . . . staggering back from her killer.’

Blue ink transcribed his musings, fading and changing itself with every fresh observation.

About the book

It takes one to know one.

Sage is an ordinary girl and a werewolf, moving between worlds, desperate to make sense of her life.

When her supernatural friend, Lucy, is found murdered in the human domain, she’s determined to join the investigation, led by handsome warlock, Oren Rinallis.

Sage is neither magical nor immortal, but she knows right from wrong, and can scent a killer like no other – unless she and Oren kill each other first …

  • The first in a stunning YA crime romantasy series – each title standalone – from an outstanding new YA talent 
  • Think slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, twisty crime, and a supernatural detective gang in a unique urban fantasy setting under the city of Manchester
  • For fans of Cassandra Clare, with a touch of Rivers of London 

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