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Bert stood watching the crowds gather inside the entrance of Penvellyn National Museum. A procession of horse-drawn carriages dropped off important-looking people in tall hats as a sightseeing airship passed overhead. The voice of the tour guide carried down to the street: ‘Below you’ll see a group of children waiting for the first public opening. How lucky they must feel. King Eldred himself sanctioned the exhibit only yesterday, along with the handsome Prince Voss . . .’ The wind rose, and the rest of the commentary was lost to the noise of the street.
Bert shook his head. He wasn’t feeling especially lucky

About the book

They say magic is long-gone … but is it?

A chain of fantastical mishaps in schoolboy Bert’s dull life spiral out of control – but then he’s rescued by Finch, a plucky girl-adventurer with metal legs. Soon they’re sailing through the clouds on a pirate airship bound for the forgotten land of Ferenor. Magic is their destination, for reasons Bert will soon discover …

A rip-roaring fantasy adventure of friendship, courage and discovery, perfect for fans of Eoin Colfer.

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Your new June read is here!

The skies are clear (at the time of writing!), and we’re SO EXCITED to be launching a brand new debut. The Boy Who Went Magic, by the supremely talented A. P. Winter, is taking flight today from the Chicken House coop!

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