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So, there you have it. You’ve met all the characters, and so now it’s time for our story. Ready? Let’s go. It all started one late morning in July, when a man in a velvet suit stopped in front of the glass doors of the cat hotel. It was a hot day. A scorching day, in fact. And so sunny that the neon-orange ‘Charamba’ sign, whose lights were usually so strong they could be seen from the far end of the street at night, seemed almost pale. Not that the man noticed. He was hot and flustered and needed to mop his brow, which is why he put down the carrier he’d been holding, and drew a hankie from his pocket. Which is when a yowl escaped from the carrier

About the book

A cosy Parisian animal story for ages 7 and up! 

At a hotel in Paris, four cats are in charge.

There is bossy Bobine, a secret knitter; tough-talking MulotCarpette, who is looking for love; and Couscous, who speaks to ghosts.

When a scared new cat, Wolfgang, arrives, the feline friends make it their mission to make him feel at home, and to find out why he is so afraid …

  • The first story in the bestselling series, translated from the original French and with delightful illustrations by Marie Voyelle throughout.
  • A classic little gem for readers 7 and up.
  • Sweet, charming and funny – readers will immediately fall in love with the five felines!

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