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I stole a baby.
The words peck away at me as I climb high above the fjord and stand on Preken Rock. The white night is full with pine gum and birdsong, but I’m gasping and only getting snippets of air. It’s the cold mountain wind that makes my eyes water up. Not the hundred metres of nothingness to the sea. Not the sound of his crying.
I stole a baby.
Does that make me a bad person?
Yeah. It does.

About the book

Nell hates her sister's illness, her drunken dad, and the daily absence of her mum. 

When she meets Lukas, adopted heir to a Norwegian oil fortune, she sees her escape: the two of them running away from the world. But Lukas has his own dark wishes, and soon it's clear that what joins them goes way beyond love.

This is survival ... and is any boy really worth her soul?

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