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The detectives hitched themselves shoulder to shoulder at the end of my bed. I could feel them studying the bruises that were pooling under my eyes.
‘Miss Gracewell, can you tell us how you sustained your injuries?’
I side-glanced at my mother, making my most subtle oh-crap face. What was I supposed to say? Point into the hallway in the direction of the Falcones and shout, ‘The murderers are thatta way!’?
Gently she laid a hand on my shoulder. The game was omertà and the objective was not to get killed for snitching. The word flashed in my head like a neon sign: omertà, omertà, omertà. The vow of silence, and we were all bound up in it. Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die.

About the book

The thrilling sequel to Vendetta, first in the Blood for Blood trilogy ...

Sophie’s life has been turned upside-down, and she’s determined to set things right. But Nic, the Falcone brother who represents everything she’s trying to forget, won’t give up on their love – and it’s Luca’s knife she clutches for comfort.
Soon another Mafia clan spoils the fragile peace – and with her heart drawn in one direction and her blood in another, Sophie’s in deeper than ever …

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Press reviews

“It’s bloody brilliant, even better than Vendetta if that’s possible … It’s exciting and violent and sexy and heart breaking. Loved it!”

Louise O'Neill, author of Only Ever Yours

“I think I’m going to have to start a petition for this book to be made into a Netflix Original series. It’s the best, best, best YA romance-slash-Mafia action film that you could ever HOPE FOR … IT WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD.”

Lauren James, author of The Next Together

“Darker, sexier and more dangerous than ever before, Inferno is a blistering, searing return to the underworld of Sophie and the Falcone brothers.”

Melinda Salisbury, author of The Sin Eater's Daughter

Author notes

'I’ve always loved movies about the criminal underworld, but I’m also a die-hard fan of epic and forbidden romance. I wanted to marry the two ideas in a new way. One night, when I was drifting to sleep, the image of five mysterious brothers standing in front of a haunted mansion popped into my head. I was looking at them from across the street, through a girl’s eyes, and I just knew I had to tell her story!'

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