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The harvest begins, and all that exists is fear. This is how it goes, every night at the same time. Minutes pass, or maybe hours – it’s hard to tell – but at some point I begin to hallucinate. My mind recoils from the pain and the panic, and I’m no longer in my cell. I’m standing on the roof of the Black Road Vertical, the kilometre-high tower block where I used to live.

About the book

Luka Kane has been inside hi-tech prison the Loop for over two years.

A death sentence is hanging over his head but his day-to-day routine is mind-numbingly repetitive, broken only by the books brought to him by the sympathetic warden, Wren. Then everything starts to change: rumours of war are whispered in the courtyard and the government-issued rain stops falling.

On Luka’s last, desperate day, Wren issues him a terrifying warning: breaking out of the Loop might be Luka’s only chance to save himself – and the world …

A thrilling UKYA debut from a stunning new talent: dark, original, twisty and totally unputdownable, this is a futuristic Prison Break with shades of 1984.

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