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Spencer! Watch out!’

Spencer van Beer risked a look behind him as he flew through the air. The stone gryphon was closing in on him, its wings flapping fast. Worse still was its outstretched talon, aiming for his ankle. He yelped. Scrunching his legs up before the gryphon could swipe him, he urged his own wings to beat faster and whooshed towards the trees.

The high-pitched whistle of his pursuer dropped away as he skirted the edge of the wood. A minute later, he swooped in amongst the tree boles, randomly

About the book

Exploring the mysterious tunnels under their grandfather’s house on Hoarder Hill, Hedy and Spencer discover the Fantastikhana, an underground tournament of magic.

Here they find a group of powerful magicians called the Sleight and a mysterious living map, which tattoos itself onto Hedy’s skin and seems to be directing her further underground. Hedy and friends – not forgetting Doug the bear rug and Stan the stag head – use magical Slipways to travel between worlds. And so an extraordinary treasure hunt begins …

The thrilling, fantastical sequel to The House on Hoarder HillThe Magician's Map is a magical underground treasure hunt with a pair of brave siblings at its heart.

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