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Have you ever picked your nose? Don’t lie, now. I bet you have. I haven’t, of course. I would never do anything revolting like that. But I bet you have. And that’s OK, because if you have, you can be friends with Frank. Here he is, a skinny, freckly boy with curly red hair and his finger always up his nozzle. His full name is Frank Bear Horace Pickerty-Boop, but for the sake of this story, we’ll just call him Frank. Frank had grown up in Snozzle Castle on the edge of Honkerty Village. Snozzle Castle was an old spooky looking building with:
overgrown gardens
a rickety bell tower
a holey roof
a forbidden dungeon

About the book

Frank has a secret: he picks his nose. But when his tower of greenies comes alive, turning into a terrifying bogey monster that escapes into the night, he has to catch the creature before the villagers of Honkerty find out …

A funny, fantastic debut by author Anna Brooke, a major new talent in middle-grade comedy fiction!

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