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The Moon has quakes. They were everyday. Part of the routine. Most Lunar Inc. personnel didn’t flinch at the sound of the alarm any more. But then, most personnel hadn’t been through what Aggie had.
She clung to the edge of her bed as the quake took hold, and listened to the rhythm of her belongings smashing to the floor. Her blinds clattered against the walls, slivers of pale lunar sunlight escaped into the darkness.
She concentrated on pushing her breath into slow ins and outs. But the quake had shaken her memories loose. They rose up around her in the darkness of her pod like
Aggie would relive Adrianne tonight, or not sleep at all.The reactor room started to materialize around her. The
phantom smell of smoke and burning metal stung her nose she pushed it away. Too painful. Too real.

About the book

When Lumite was discovered on the Moon, the dark days of the Earth appeared to be over. But disaster struck: a huge explosion at the first Lumite power station. Agatha, god-daughter of the founder of Lunar Inc., was sole survivor. As the 10th anniversary of the disaster looms, Aggie takes centre stage, a poster-girl for the company. But a chance meeting with one of the prisoner-miners, the darkly attractive Danny, changes her mind about everything she knows about her world.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller, combining an authentic YA contemporary voice with high-concept but accessible science fiction. 

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Author notes

Aggie has been by my side since I was 16, but took ten years for her to develop into the sarcastic, brave heroine of Moondust. By then I’d become obsessed with writing about space, tech and the future of our planet. A future full of uncomfortable ‘what if's: what if we ran out of fuel? What if corporations had unlimited power? Moondust is my answer.

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