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Morgana often wished that she wasn’t a witch, but at times like this she simply longed to be a better one. It wasn’t that she particularly wanted to fly, but she did hate being laughed at, and she could hear the sniggers breaking out around her. Well, just above her, really, as all the other kids were floating in the air on the various objects they had managed to levitate. Morgana remained stubbornly earthbound. She had picked a clichéd old broomstick on which to try getting afloat, thinking it might be nice and light.

About the book

Morgana loves robots and longs to attend robotics school in the city.

But she’s a witch, living in a magical woodland community: the closest she comes to technology is petting her ancient mechanical familiar, Kitty. She simply doesn’t belong. But when she finally finds a way to the City, she learns of a troubling secret hiding beneath its gleaming surface: a secret that threatens the balance of civilization.

Caught between two worlds, only Morgana has the power to find a solution …


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