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‘Everybody know their roles?’
We all nodded. We’d been through it a hundred times.
Satisfied, Gedge slipped his mask down and we followed suit. Now we were a gang of four anonymous identical foxes; red, lean faces, high ears and dark noses. Kallie adjusted her mask, loosened her stance and stretched. Coke went through a final check of the camcorder, panning it across the darkened car park. These guys were real pros. Me? It was my first ever steal. I was fizzing with terror.
We dipped our phone torches and moved off, skirting the walls and following Coke’s CCTV map to ensure we stayed off-camera. Gedge made short work of a locked door and led us through into the dark, deserted shopping mall. It extended, vast and silent, towards the glittering glass roof of the central dome. Above us was the first floor – two wide balconies with brass balustrades. That’s where we were headed. We stuck to the shopfronts and doorways.

About the book

Payback, an enigmatic anticapitalist group staffed by teens, has one mission: to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Its dramatic heists create a sensation. But when excitable Payback fan Tom is recruited, he accidentally brings with him a shady money man, Mr Ruiz. And he’s not the only one on their tail. As the net closes in, the teenagers of Payback fight to stay alive – and true to their values. Being Robin Hood has never been this hard …

A timely, political and electrifying high-concept thriller for today’s engaged young adults, from the author of Lifers

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