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It was early evening, mid-September when the boat came to the bay.
The craft cut effortlessly through the storm-crested waves, their tips crowned orange by the evening sun.
Down below on the shore the men gathered like swarming ants, whilst we girls watched from outside our stone cottages, readily distracted from plucking the last rabble of summer puffins. Artair was down there too, part of the huddle of island men who had mustered in the shallows ready to take the measure of the sailor.
But although they all wore the same black shirts and tam-o’-shanters, Artair stood out like a beacon to me, for not only would he one day be chief of these islands, but

About the book

When Iseabail is employed by a wealthy merchant to be his daughter’s companion, her life changes for ever.

Transported from her remote island home to the Scottish borderlands, Iseabail is unnerved both by her precocious young charge and the house’s secrets: a hidden chapel, servants who speak in a foreign tongue, a mute stableboy. And then the merchant returns with a mysterious cargo. Why has Iseabail really been summoned here? And will she ever make it back home?

A stunningly atmospheric YA Elizabethan horror set in the Scottish borderlands; Jane Eyre meets Susan Hill with a YA twist. 

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