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The sun was setting over the Atlantic and as it ran like molten gold into the waves, a girl in a Pod Fighter ripped through the scene, like graffiti sprayed across a landscape painting, and for a few startled moments, the sun and the sea trembled. Ellie flew fast and low with her eyes fixed on the northern horizon. In the gunner’s seat behind her was a capuchin monkey called Puck, whose brows fidgeted while he ate popcorn and admired the gun controls. Puck was glad to be out of his room with new things to look at. He didn’t know they were running away or how much danger they were in. But there was no doubt in Ellie’s mind; when Mal Gorman found out they were gone, he would want to slice them like Parma ham, then mince them to space dust.
‘But I won’t let him,’ Ellie whispered. ‘And anyhow, he’s got to catch us first.’

About the book

Twelve-year old twins, Mika and Ellie, live in a future behind a wall – safe from the plague-ridden animals beyond.

Or so they’ve been told.

But when one of them disappears, and the other takes part in a sinister virtual reality game, they begin to discover their concrete world is built on lies.

Determined to find each other again, they go in search of the truth. And as a strange sound in their heads grows to a roar, they find out that children, and the planet, have never mattered more.

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Press reviews

“You'll be turning the pages so quickly, your fingers will burn!”


“It flies along like a laser beam from a blaster …”


“... I really enjoyed this book because of the author’s style and how she made everything suspenseful and interesting.”


Author notes

'When I began writing The Roar, I realized my imagination was like a movie set with no budget, and that anything I wanted could happen. This was such an exciting idea. I had a lot of fun writing this story. Now your mind is the screen on which it plays, and your imagination will bring my characters alive. Welcome to the world of The Roar.'

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