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Penelope Gardener was an odd sort of girl.
She had grey hair, although she was only ten years old, and a smell of fire followed her wherever she went. But stranger still, Penelope could sometimes hear her mother telling her to do something before Mrs Gardener had even opened her mouth.
‘Yes, Mum, I did wash my hair this morning,’ Penelope would say. Or: ‘OK, OK, I’m taking Granny her coffee right now.’ Mum would look at her with a very strange expression, but never asked Penelope how she’d known exactly what she was about to say.
Penelope was used to her grey hair – she’d never known anything else. She hardly noticed the fire smell any more, and she barely gave the ‘hearing-before-hearing’ a second thought. But there was one thing that struck her as odd: it always rained on her birthday, even though it was on the thirteenth of August.

About the book

Penelope lives with her mother – her father died years ago. She has always been different from other children: for example, her hair has been grey since she was born. But one day, Penelope wakes up with sparkling red hair and her mother confesses the truth: her father is not only still alive, he’s a wizard. Penelope has inherited his powers, and embarks on a journey to find him …

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