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William put the pail of water on the bench beside the workshop door and blew into his cupped hands to warm them. The March morning was cold and a biting wind whipped the grey clouds across the sky.
Rain fell steadily, as it had done for weeks past, filling ditches and puddles,and dripping from the reed thatch of Brother Snail’s hut.
He heard a rustling in the blackthorn tree beside the hut. A twig dropped onto his head and he peered up through the branches. A long tail with a tuft of red fur on the end curved around the trunk of the tree. It twitched and flexed and suddenly flicked out of sight. ‘Brother Walter?’ William called. ‘What are you
doing up there?’
‘Watching things,’ the hob said softly.

About the book

March 1348. Crowfield Abbey is starting to collapse.

William is given the job of repairing floor tiles in a haunted side chapel. There he finds a box from an earlier, pagan time, containing a small wooden bowl, covered with strange warnings and symbols.

The bowl is cursed and a hideous demon is unleashed within the Abbey's walls. It will wreak unspeakable havoc unless Will and his friends can summon help in time.

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Press reviews

“The battle between good and evil is intense and frightening, keeping readers on edge.”


“[Walsh] is a wonderful storyteller, and the creepy sense of foreboding ... is really tangible.”


“Once again Pat Walsh brings the cloistered world of Crowfield vividly to life.”


Author notes

'William's story continues in The Crowfield Demon. The abbey hides many secrets, and secrets have a habit of returning to haunt those who keep them. The demon is a part of Crowfield's dark past, and it is left to William and his loyal friends, Brother Walter the hob, the kind and wise Brother Snail and the enigmatic fay warrior, Shadlok, to fight an ancient evil if the abbey is to survive.'

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