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Hedy van Beer looked up from her book. The garage doors had exploded open and what looked like a huge cloud billowed out in a puff. There was no way her brother, Spencer, had planned whatever had just happened. Fearing the worst, Hedy tucked her book into her waistband. A knotted rope hung from the sycamore tree where she had been reading, letting her scrunch and stretch her way to the ground like a cross between a monkey and a caterpillar. ‘Spencer?’ she yelled, sprinting for the garage. Spencer and their cousins, Jelly and Max, stumbled out through the ballooning cloud into the garden. They were all a little damp, as though they’d walked through mist. ‘What happened?’ Hedy asked. Spencer was trying out a device that he’d been given by their friend, Mrs Pal. It was an artefact from Iceland called a skyskepnur, roughly translated as ‘sky creature’. It was supposed to create massive cloud shapes.

About the book

When their magician grandpa is imprisoned in a snow globe, Hedy and Spencer – with cousins Jelly and Max – go on a magical quest to free him, with the help and hindrance of ghosts and monsters.

• The series finale of screenwriter duo Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai’s acclaimed middle-grade trilogy.
• TV rights sold to WIIP in conjunction with Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead; Spider-Man).
• Magical, gutsy, and spooky; a family mystery with a pair of brave siblings at its heart.

‘Unforgettable spooky characters, fantastically imaginative plot twists and turns, and a ghostly mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat’ BOOKTRUST

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