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The action-packed and horrorful zombie adventure from debut author Alice Nuttall, with an original environmental twist . . .

When the bees die out, a new pollinator arrives. Deathflies help grow crops but there’s a nasty side effect . . . zombies.

Laying their eggs in people, deathflies turn people into dangerous zombies when they die. But the world must adapt or there won’t be enough to eat.

Can Merian and her scientist mum convince others to save the zombies? Or will the big corporation succeed in convincing people to kill them? And just what does it mean when a docile zombie shows up?

  • The action-packed debut novel of MSLexia Children’s and YA 2023 winner, Alice Nuttall.
  • An original idea that turns the usual zombie story on its head – save the zombies, don’t kill them!
  • With environmental themes packaged alongside age-appropriate horror and scares.



‘It’s really sparky – an original idea and an original talent. I liked the environmental message too’ CRESSIDA COWELL

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