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We’re standing in a fashion designer’s studio in Hoxton, admiring ourselves in the mirror. At least, Jenny’s supposed to be admiring herself in her red carpet dress. Or she would if it didn’t make her look like a cherry tomato. Edie and I are just tagging along, but the mirror takes up the whole wall and it’s hard not to take a bit of a peek. Apart from the mirror, the studio’s big and bare. Lots of brick walls and tall windows and clothes rails. My mother would call it ‘industrial chic’. I would say it was in need of some love and upholstery. I’m looking at my Converses, which got their first outing today after a bit of customisation with some TippEx. They’re only mild French swear-words (and one in Italian that I got from my pen pal, Marco). I know much worse ones. I thought they were funny and Jenny laughed. Edie is above such things.

About the book

Nonie’s passion is fashion. Humanitarian Edie wants to save the world. And budding actress Jenny has just landed a small part in a Hollywood blockbuster.

But when these three friends meet a young African refugee girl called Crow sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum, they get the chance to pool their talents and do something truly wonderful, proving that fashion fairy tales really can happen.

Vibrant, contemporary and engaging, this – the winner of the Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2009 – is a wonderfully haute couture read for girls 10+. 

Find out more about the sequels, Beads and Stars

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Press reviews

“A treat ... elegant and funny and has real narrative verve. ”


“Exhilarating, entertaining and refreshing …”


“Great fun. It goes at a cracking pace and girls will love it.”


Author notes

'One day I had an idea for a story about a girl who was a secret fashion designer ... This was the book that changed my life.'

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