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It was the day Mum took the coast road to school.
The day I tried to save a suicidal husky.

One day before I began to wonder if my father was still alive.
‘Mum, why are we going this way?’ moaned Josie.
The car had hit a pothole and bounced my sister up from her video-game console. She rubbed her window with the side of her fist and I saw the wide green spaces of Berry Head. Beyond it, just a few hundred yards to her right, lay the cliffs and the spiralling drop to the sea.
I already knew how Mum was going to answer. I’d heard the radio broadcast at breakfast. A burst water main on the outskirts of Holton Byford.

About the book

Michael Malone’s life has not been the same since his father disappeared three years ago.

Determined to find him, Michael gets unwittingly drawn into supernatural organisation UNICORNE, who claim to have vital information for his quest. But they want something in return.

Something that is hidden in Michael’s very bones …

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Press reviews

“A whopping adventure with some thrilling chases, heart-racing paranormal moments...”


“Chris d’Lacey keeps the twists and revelations coming at just the right pace...”


“It is addictive. Its twisting and turning plot has you wanting more and more, until you realise the book is over.”


Author notes

'I’ve always loved paranormal fantasies, particularly on film or TV. My three favourite television series are Twin Peaks, Being Human and The X-Files. One day, because I’d long been hankering to explore such diverse topics as cellular memory, telekinesis, past life regression and the nature of reality, I had the idea to write an "X-Files for kids". Welcome to the weird and many-layered world of Michael Malone. Enjoy.'

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