Welcome to #COOPEDUPKIDS, the Chicken House home for all the tools you’ll need to let your imagination fly!

Here, you’ll find all the resources that we and our author and illustrator friends have pulled together while we’re all, well, cooped up inside! 

From bedtime stories from the likes of Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Jasbinder Bilan (plus many more!) to downloadable PDFs designed to get you decorating, there’s loads of different stuff to keep you entertained indoors - and we’ll be adding more and more content each week. Find out more on our blog.

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#COOPEDUPKIDS Easter Egg Poster - download, print and decorate!
( 1.31 MB PDF)


#COOPEDUPKIDS Easter Egg Card - download, print and decorate!
( 68.10 KB PDF)


Dear All The Mortals: A letter from Virgo of WHO LET THE GODS OUT
( 500.87 KB PDF)


#COOPEDUPKIDS My Ideal Book: Instagram Story Template
( 341.88 KBIMAGE/PNG)