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On his last morning at King Jude’s Hospital, Kitt tried on his college uniform for the first time. He did his best to stand straight and tall in the stiff black trousers, shiny black shoes and starched white shirt
while his friend Ani helped him with his tie. ‘It’s too tight,’ he protested. A curtain had been drawn around his bed, and he dreaded the moment it would be pulled back and everybody on the ward
would see how foolish he looked. ‘I can’t do it if you’re interfering.’ Ani batted his hand away as he tried to loosen the neck of the highcollared shirt. She twisted the tie around itself again and took it in another loop around his neck, then paused. ‘This doesn’t look like the diagram.’ She squinted at the packing list and instructions for how to do up the College’s distinctive black-and-white tie. She did another loop, then the whole thing slid

About the book

An extraordinary new teen YA story set in the same world of Once Upon A Fever – perfect for fans of Philip Pullman. 

Kitt has completed his financier training and returns to Lundain triumphant. The street urchin has transformed into a polished young man whose touch turns everything to gold.

Os, meanwhile, has flunked his methic exams – but a unique talent brings him to the attention of the financier’s Guild Master, who enlists him to develop a feeling that will grant Midas fingers to every financier.

But his greed results in a terrible accident in which Lundain is consumed by toxic feelings. Only Kitt and Os can restore balance – but it will cost one of them everything …

  • A stunning teen urban fantasy set five years after the events of the original and critically-acclaimed Once Upon a Fever
  • Can be read as a standalone story, as well as a companion novel 
  • Two new characters navigate a disaster in this unique, enchanting alternate-London, in a world in which feelings cause supernatural illnesses
  • Perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Laini Taylor

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