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Alongside the world we know, hidden from mortal eyes, is the realm of the jinn – shape-shifting spirits ruled by royals who wish for nothing more than the destruction of the human world.

As we begin our story, the city of Al-Shaam lies in ruins. Once a proud settlement for the ruling Ghadaeans, supported by the labours of the ha-ri underclass, it has been almost destroyed by an attack from the jinniya Queen Bidhukh. The defence was led by the Wa-zeem – a group fighting for equality for the ha-ri – while a group of rebel ha-ri, the Ha-reef, feeling that equality would never be
achieved without violence, had fought alongside the jinn

About the book

Khadija’s sister, Talia, has been kidnapped and stolen into the magical realm of Al-Ghaib. Khadija embarks on a quest to rescue her. But Al-Ghaib, where the sky is emerald green, is a place of trickery: she will have to have all her wits about her if she’s to outfox her sister’s captor…

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