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Hi, I’m Silvia, an ordinary kid just like you. Or at least I was ordinary until my dad went missing and we both wound up back in an alternative version of Ancient Rome called Romana. Yeah, it took me by surprise too, but travelling back in time was nothing compared to what happened next.

You see, it turns out I’m a demigod – daughter of the war goddess Bellona – and I have shedloads of godly brothers and sisters. Just name your favourite mythical creature and I’m probably related to them.

So, maybe I should have seen this coming. But Medusa – my Auntie Medusa? Like, what the gods!

About the book

An action-packed, laugh-out-loud funny Greek mythology adventure from the author of My Family and Other Romans!

Hiya! I’m Silvia, an ordinary kid just like you.

At least, I was ordinary until I wound up in Ancient Rome as a demi-goddess. Yeah, that took me by surprise too.

But seriously, travelling back in time is nothing compared to what’s happening now: Medusa the gorgon wants her head back – and she’s chosen me to find it!

  • Packed full of Roman and Ancient Greek mythology – as you’ve never seen it before!
  • A laugh-out-loud funny family caper full of excitement and heart: perfect for fans of LokiHorrible Histories and Who Let the Gods Out? 
  • Readers will go on a time-travel adventure – with a LARPing twist
  • Perfect for ages 8 and up; sure to be a hit with KS2 readers, as Romans are a staple on the curriculum



‘Perfect funny escapism with added Roman mythology … Charming and mischievous!’ LOUIE STOWELL, author of LOKI

‘Full of fun and adventure, this time-travel tale will show you the Romans as you’ve never imagined them before.’ THE WEEK JUNIOR

‘Pure chaotic hilarity’ S. J. WILLS

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