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‘Finn Morris . . . Daydreaming and doodling again, are we?’ My maths teacher, Mrs Orlick, is standing over me, her fingers tapping the comic strip I’m drawing.

I blink and look up. Ten seconds ago, I was lost in my own cartoon fantasy world. And now I’m right back in maths at 3.07 p.m. on a drizzly Thursday.


‘Dearie me, Finn,’ Mrs Orlick sighs. ‘You ALWAYS seem to have your head in the clouds, don’t you?’

About the book

Finn loves drawing comic strips featuring his two cartoon heroes, Arley and Tapper.

But after being teased at school, he finds he can’t draw them any more – and is shocked to see them climbing out of his sketchbook for real! With the help of his friend Isha, Finn needs to find a way to draw them back to their comic world – and quickly ...

The Cartoons That Came to Life is a big-hearted adventure about celebrating individuality, friendship and true loyalty – perfect for fans of Tom Gates!

Illustrated by Phil Corbett and written by Tom Ellen, the co-author of three books for teens, including Lobsters, shortlisted for the YA Book Prize.

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