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I love to laugh! Hahaha!’ Pudding hummed to herself after another practically perfect day as the Star Attraction of Edinburgh Zoo. It might not have been obvious to anyone passing that a panda could be an entertainer, but if you stopped and watched, you’d soon agree that Pudding was spectacular at making children smile. ‘All. Day. Long!’ 1 she sang, as she waved goodbye to the people who had come to see her. She carried on blowing kisses long after the crowds had disappeared. ‘Come back tomorrow!’ she called into the chilly evening air. ‘It’s been lovely having you!

About the book

Callum misses his Dad. He doesn’t call on his birthday, and worse, the present he chooses for Cal is ... weird.

It’s a panda at Edinburgh Zoo. How can Cal ‘adopt’ a wild animal with the muddle his family is in? And what he doesn’t expect is for the bear to take charge. Tired of doing roly-polys for the public, Pudding wants to help a child who needs her ...

The first in a new fully-illustrated series by author Sarah Horne (bestselling illustrator of Charlie Changes into a Chicken), exploring themes of childhood anxiety, family break-up, bullying, friendship and love.


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Audio World English (W F Howes), China (CCPPG), Czech Republic (Albatros Media), Germany (Harper Collins), Holland (Condor), Poland (Foksal), Russia (AST)