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All was quiet in Mr Browning’s Emporium of Strange and Magical Things when a highwayman burst through the door. His cape swirled like a black sail, his mask was a dark slash across his eyes, and a pair of silver pistols gleamed in his hands. ‘Stand and deliver, your money or your life,’ he roared. Mr Browning’s granddaughter, Bramble Browning, dropped her waxed polishing-cloth on the counter and jumped. The bell that was mounted above the door continued to sing, drowning out the ragge

About the book

An action-packed swashbuckling tale for readers aged 8 and up! 

While helping in Grandpa’s shop, Bramble discovers a strange scarlet mask. A tingling in her fingers tells her to try it on, but when she does she can’t take it off . . .

And when she looks in the mirror, the face of a famous highwayman Diamond Jack stares back.

It seems Bramble has been chosen for a mission. Time to stand and deliver – your magic or your life!

  • A thrilling highway-girl adventure with a magical twist from the brilliantly-named Anna Rainbow, author of Antigua de Fortune of the High Seas
  • A fun, feminist, all-action adventure for ages 8 and up
  • A deliciously familiar but wholly original mash-up of classic tales: shades of The Red Shoes, The Three Musketeers and Robin Hood

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