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It all looked so familiar to Firedrake. The misty woods outside the entrance to the cave. The smell of the sea nearby in the cold morning air. Every leaf and every flower reminded him of
the Scottish mountains where he had grown up. But Scotland was far away, and so was the Rim of Heaven, the valley that the last dragons in this world had called their home for two years now.
Firedrake turned and looked at the dragon lying behind him on a bed of moss and leaves. Slatebeard was the oldest of them all. His wings twitched in his dreams, as if he wanted to follow the wild geese crossing the grey sky, but he would soon be setting out on the longest flight of all.

About the book

The last winged horses are on the brink of extinction. Three foals lie curled in their eggs in a sanctuary for threatened creatures, where a young dragon rider lives with his silver dragon. The foals are ill, and the pair volunteer to seek the only cure: a Griffin's feather. But Griffins, with the heads of eagles and bodies of lions, are a dragon's fiercest enemy, and live far across the world in the sweltering jungle. A dangerous and exciting adventure begins ...

The sequel to the bestselling Dragon Rider, featuring stunning art from Laura Ellen Anderson. 

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Author notes

'My characters welcomed me with open arms and hearts. They kept no secrets, but they have changed as well! Which made it even more adventurous to follow them once again. Like me they were worried about the state of the world, the plundering of nature, the disrespect for fellow creatures, and like me had come to the conclusion that worrying doesn’t really help anyone and that something had to be done.'

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