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Sometimes, I hallucinate. Small things. Objects or clothes I want that Mother wouldn’t buy me. They appear in my room and my imagination welcomes them, accepting that they are mine. Other times, my hallucinations are bigger. I imagine I have a dad. I picture him so strongly – tall, red-haired like me, with aviator sunglasses and a chin cut from a movie – that he becomes real. When I was younger, he’d come to me at night. Kiss me on the forehead and pull my covers up to my chin, flick the light switch and wish me sweet dreams the way Mother never did.

About the book

When Lola’s selected to test the VR game Better Than Life at her posh new boarding school, she’s soon skipping lessons to play. All she has to do to live her perfect VR life is keep her secrets buried.

But this is a game she can’t win …

• An original, high-concept psychological thriller – Holly Jackson meets VR horror – from the acclaimed author of Every Line of You.
• Set in an exclusive boarding school, this rollercoaster ride of a story involves an unreliable narrator, an immersive VR game, a dark secret and a huge twist.
• Perfect for fans of Cynthia Murphy and Kathryn Foxfield.

dark and brilliantly shockingLAUREN JAMES
a dark, modern twist on young loveBIG ISSUE

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