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Funny, dramatic and sometimes dark, this thrilling YA novel is perfect for those who love a Black Mirror twist.

Harper wants to be an influencer. Badly. She’ll do anything to be like her famous Tubeify-star cousin, Bellee.

When Bellee is the latest victim in a string of influencer kidnappings, Harper discovers the kidnappings are fake – ‘victims’ are put on an island for a new reality show.

Island of Influencers pits the greatest internet talents against each other, and Harper is added at the last minute. With the constant pressure of a live audience judging their every move, it’s not long before cracks begin to appear in the influencers’ shiny veneers . . .

  • The thrilling contemporary debut from Guppy Open Submission shortlistee T. M. Turner.
  • Hunger Games concept exploring the negatives and positives of internet culture and idol worship.
  • Highly relatable for a YA market. Love them or loathe them, influencers are at the forefront of many young people’s internet experiences.

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