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When something terrible is about to happen, it’s helpful to know in advance. So Oakmoss Hornbeam always kept a lookout for signs. His best friend Veena said he was an accident waiting to happen, usually as she handed him back his broken glasses. Today, as he walked down the lane through the woods that led from his home to the school bus, the wind was setting up a blustery dance. Twigs, leaves and even branches frolicked past him with such joy it was as if they were on their way to a party. They were certainly heading in the opposite direction to the school bus. That had to be a sign, Oakmoss thought. A sign that he should abandon going to school today? A sign he should go fishing instead?

About the book

Is Oakmoss Hornbeam the unluckiest boy in the world? Or has someone cursed him?

When a black cat crosses his path, mysteriously blown in by a storm, Oakmoss believes it’s his worst omen yet. But Nightshade, a cat of considerable talents, knows when it’s game on or game over.

With the help of newshound Veena Vale and magical crime investigator Dexter Stormforce, she sets out to become a lucky charm for one very unlucky boy ...

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