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Chloe-Lee and Joey were in a warehouse on an abandoned industrial estate when social services found them, about as far north and west in England as it’s possible to go without a) crossing the border into Scotland or b) falling in the sea. How they got there no one could say, not least because the children themselves seemed to have no intention of telling.

About the book

The Dark Within Us brings an inventive, funny and quirky reimagining of a modern version of hell.

When homeless schoolgirl, Jenny, meets demon, Luc, they make a dangerous pact. Both have been scarred by the same childhood event – the day Jenny’s soul was stolen by Luc’s father.

Now Luc has promised to return it, but can a demon be trusted? Jenny must find the courage to follow Luc into Hell and save him from the darkness that waits.

  • The stunning debut novel from the Times/Chicken House Children’s Competition 2022 Chairman’s Choice Prize winner, Jess Popplewell.
  • Draws on the author’s own experience of homelessness, making this a powerful authentic story.
  • Dante’s Inferno meets Euphoria in this fresh contemporary YA.

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