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About the book

Sal lives in a haunted house.

He longs to be ordinary, but when the strangest of strangers arrives on his doorstep – a fellow outcast called Pax – his life grows even more complicated.

Sal goes on to develop an unlikely friendship with Pax, whose love for all things spooky drew him to the house and its inhabitants. But as the two grow closer, the true nature of the hauntings is gradually revealed.

Will Sal find the courage to conquer his ghosts, or will he risk losing Pax for good?

  • A cosy, contemporary romance and ghost story with spooky Gilmore Girls vibes
  • Winner of the Times/Chicken House Chairman’s Choice Prize, 2020
  • An LGBTQ+ romance between two very different boys, who readers will quickly root for and grow to love
  • For fans of Heartstopper – with a spooky twist 

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