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‘How you doing today, Mum? I’ve something to show you. Watching?’ Pearl raised her arms to the cloud-streaked June sky. A breeze fluttered through her dark, shiny ponytail. Feet together, she focused on a line of trees at the far end of the cemetery. She blew out through dimpled cheeks. This was the hardest part of her tumble sequence. The part she kept getting wrong. And which most twelve-year-olds would never attempt, even on a tumbling floor. She began her sprint. Despite her small frame, she quickly built speed. She moved powerfully along the grassy avenue dividing the rows of graves. She counted

About the book

It takes courage to follow your dreams . . . 

Young gymnast Pearl dreams of winning gold in Paris. It’s what Mum would have wanted.

However, elite training camp is super tough, even with the help of best friend Ryan and rising star, Jada-Rae.

Think ice baths, rivalry … sabotage.

When others will do anything to win, what will Pearl risk? Safety? Morals? Friendships?

This thrilling tale reminds us sport is about more than medals. It’s about making friends, being brave and freeing your soul.

  • An all-action sporting drama set in the world of gymnastics, from the author of Sister to a Star
  • Packed full of friendships, drama and action; perfect for tweens aged 10-13 years
  • Author Eloise Smith is a former Olympic fencer and three-time Commonwealth gold medal winner!

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