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The ship tore through the ocean, its pointed hull cutting through the waves like a blade. A weathered old sea captain watched from the foredeck in the stark moonlight. He ran his hand through his hair, trying to shake the feeling that something was wrong. Yes, the ship stank to high heaven of blubber and burnt iron. Yes, a trail of dark birds followed the scraps of guts and skin they’d thrown overboard. Yes, his crew were exhausted and close to giving up. But that was all part of being at sea.
This was something different.

About the book

A stunning adventure from the Branford Boase Award-shortlisted author of The Map of Leaves.

Anna lives on remote Windrose Island, caring for its birds.

When her stepfather Caleb is arrested for smuggling, she must prove his innocence. The truth may lie on board the Albatross, a missing whaler.

Anna and her friend Mina travel the high seas to find the lost ship before ruthless Society Man, Bartholomew Rime…

But without a map, only migrating birds and the song of whales can show the way.


  • A stunning new novel from the author of The Map of Leaves, shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2023
  • A masterfully-written, classic literary adventure with themes of female empowerment
  • For fans of The Girl of Ink & Stars and The Lost Whale

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