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Aliya Sultan did not understand why her grand -father thought that having afternoon tea withsphinxes was ‘safe and harmless fun’. She could think of about a zillion things she’d rather do on this hot summer day than play riddle bingo with a bunch of mythicals. But being twelve years old, and a recent survivor of an attack by the most dangerous criminal in the time-travel world, meant that Geddo’s opinions about her safety overruled all her wishes and complaints.

About the book

The spectacular sequel to Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy Aliya to the Infinite City

When sinister magic threatens Aliya’s world once more, she is sent away on a school trip for her own safety aboard the time-travelling Silver Express.

But what is supposed to be an educational journey through Egyptian history becomes a deadly race to save it from evil time-twister and master of disguise, Dorian Darke.

  • A stunning adventure story for readers aged 9 and up 
  • Book 1 was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2021
  • For fans of Nura and the Immortal Palace and The Kingdom Over the Sea



‘An epic adventure packed with richness, history and a brilliant new magical school!’ ZOHRA NABI, Author of The Kingdom Over the Sea

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