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He wanted to change his mind as soon as they turned off the main road.

‘Perhaps I should speak to my old doctor,’ the boy said to the man driving him. ‘Just in case.’

‘We’re here now.’ These were the first words they’d exchanged since they left the hospital at dawn.

‘I know, but maybe just to check . . .’ The car slowed to a crawl and the driver turned around to look at him. ‘The people at the hospital told me you either try this place or get discharged. Which is it?’ The boy looked at the dripping, bristling trees through the windscreen. ‘I’ll try it.’

About the book

A new boy arrives at the Ash House.

He can’t remember his name – or why he’s been sent there. Given the name Sol, and troubled by a mystery pain that no medicine can cure, he joins the gang of children living in the shadows of the secretive house, doing what they can to survive. Soon, however, there’s more for the children of the Ash House to face – unless Sol’s new-found friendships can defeat the darkness that descends with the arrival of the Doctor …

A timeless, multi-layered debut from Angharad Walker, featuring stunning artwork by Olia Muza. Think Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children meets Lord of the Flies. 

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