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Surely that can’t be it?’ said Orinthia, sweeping her dark fringe from her eyes as they came to a standstill
at the top of the hill. ‘It looks like it’s about to fall down!’ She and her younger brothers, Séafra and Taber, were looking down at a ramshackle old windmill which stood in the field below. Its crumbling pink brickwork had been half engulfed by the surrounding woodland, and its sails were frozen like the hands of a stopped clock. Séafra edged forward, looking equally confused. ‘Maybe we followed the wrong path?’ he suggested. ‘Or made a mistake with the address?’.

About the book

A charming action-packed adventure across the Atlantic from acclaimed author Holly Rivers!

Siblings Orinthia and Séafra Shalloo accept a summer job from eccentric Grandy, who has collected a menagerie of furry and feathered posties known as animails.

The children are especially fond of Geronimo, a homing pelican. But when the big bird fails to return from a delivery, Taber – the youngest sibling – is devastated; so much so, he mails himself to New York, where Geronimo was sent.

Orinthia and Séafra follow suit, stealing a precious stamp and hopping in a freight crate – and soon all are embarked on an extraordinarily daring first-class adventure …


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