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Mr Darwin crouched in front of a giant tortoise, notebook in hand. His home-made magnifying eyeglass, which the sailors of the Beagle all made fun of,
gave him the look of a studious buccaneer.
‘See how the shell is completely domed, Covington,’ he said. ‘It means they can’t raise their necks at all.’
‘Reckon they don’t need to, sir,’ I said, watching the tortoises chewing. ‘There’s a lot of grass growing here, so they’re always looking down at the ground anyhow.’

About the book

1835. Cabin boy Syms Covington is on the voyage of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands with the world-famous scientist Charles Darwin.

But when Syms falls overboard during a huge storm, he washes up on an unexplored island. Stranded there, he makes a discovery that could change the world ... Now it’s not just his own survival at stake – the future of an undiscovered species is in his hands.

How to Train Your Dragon meets natural history – with real science! 

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