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A charming Parisian animal story for ages 7 and up!

Help! Magda’s nephew Georges is coming to stay at the Hotel for Cats – and Mulot is terrified. When Georges last came to visit, he teased the poor cat so much that Mulot has developed a terrible phobia. His loyal friends, Bobine, Couscousse and Carpette, with the help of new cat Ciboulot, work on a plan to help their friend. But can he face his fear before Georges arrives?

  • The second charming tale following the sweet and loveable group of feline friends.
  • From the bestselling series, translated from the original French by Anna Brooke and with delightful illustrations throughout.
  • Delightful and funny – a classic little gem for readers aged 7 and up.
  • Perfect for fans of Paddington and Mango and Bambang.



Voyelle’s enchanting illustrations bring extra life and laughter to Pavlenko’s gorgeous Gallic gem as the captivating cast of cats wend their witty and wicked way into every young reader’s heart! LANCASHIRE EVENING POST

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