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‘Ma!’ shrieked Muncle. ‘Gritt’s upside-downing me!’
Muncle tried to wriggle out of his brother’s grip.
He yelled again, swinging wildly. He was going to be sick if Gritt dangled him upside-down for much longer.
Ma’s fire threw a shadow of a larger-than-life Gritt onto the rocky wall, with a much-too-small Muncle dangling helplessly from his hand. At the age of ten, most giants were nearly full-grown and able to stand up for themselves. But Muncle was far from full-grown and at the moment he couldn’t stand up at all. Gritt had him firmly by the ankles.

About the book

Giants live on top of Mount Grumble, hidden from the humans below.

But not all of them are giant-like. Muncle Trogg is so small that he’s laughed at by the others for being human-sized. Fed up, he decides to take a look at the Smallings that he’s supposed to look like. But what he discovers is very surprising!

An affectionate and charming upside-down fairy tale, this is the magical story of the residents of Mount Grumble and the tiny giant who saves the day.

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Press reviews

“I liked this book A LOT because Foxley has used her imagination and added touches of magic here and there!”


“... funny, enjoyably yucky and entertainingly illustrated.”


“... a hugely enjoyable romp, with some great characters ... will have children laughing out loud”


Author notes

'I wanted to write a story set in a fairytale world, and decided on giants because there hadn’t been many books about giants lately. Now I needed a hero with a problem and immediately a picture of a tiny giant dangling from a huge hand came into my mind. I felt at once that I had created an endearing character and my feeling proved right when Muncle Trogg was picked as the winner of the 2010 Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition.'

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