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The weird stuff all began with £3.72.
I didn’t know it was £3.72, of course, until I picked it up – a scattering of coins on a wet pavement – and counted it.
George Drake, it’s your lucky day! Three strikes at Bumper Bowl with Josh and Matt – and now FREE MONEY! I let the coins trickle out of my
hand, into my pocket, and got back on my bike.
What do you do with £3.72? Easy. If you’re me, you buy sweets.
I was in the shop for about a minute. When I came out, my bike had gone. I had a paper bag full of gummy caterpillars and strawberry laces and foam bananas – but no bike. And it was raining.
And it was a long walk home.
Sorry, George Drake, just kidding. Not your lucky day after all.
Great. Just great. I bit the head off a gummy
caterpillar, and started walking.
By the time I got home, I was feeling a bit sick.
I’m not totally sure that I like foam bananas.
Mum was upside down in the garden. Other
people don’t do yoga in the garden in the rain,
just Mum.

About the book

George loves helping out at Wormestall Farm, hidden in the woods, even though it's full of extinctly scary creatures, like the dodo in the dog bed and the dinosaurs in the duck pond.

When Mortifer, the giant basilisk, goes missing, it's up to George to find him before wicked taxidermist Diamond Pye can add him and the others to her stuffed animal collection ...

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Press reviews

“A riotous debut novel in which all kinds of very unlikely things happen to likeable George when he takes on a job at Wormestall Farm.”


“The Extincts is perfect for 7-11 year-olds who love reading about weird, wild and wonderful creatures, have a taste for exhilarating escapades and rescue missions. The quirky illustrations by the brilliant Steve Wells amusingly bring the story to life. This story deserves a place alongside the young fiction classic books by Roald Dahl, Dick King-Smith and Eva Ibbotson.”


Author notes

'As a child, trips to London meant one of two places: London Zoo or the Natural History Museum. The zoo was wonderful but it was in the museum that my imagination took flight. I loved everything about it: the bones, the fossils, the stuffed animals, the stone beasts carved into its soaring walls. And if I could invite just one of Wormestall's inhabitants into my home, which would I choose? That's a really tricky question ... I'm very fond of them all.'

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