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On a bright September morning, when most children his age were in school fretting over fractions and decimal points, a boy named Reynie Muldoon was walking down a dusty road. He was an average-looking boy – with average brown hair and eyes, legs of average length, nose an average distance from his ears, and so on – and he was entirely alone. Other than a falcon soaring high over the road and a few meadowlarks keeping a low profile in the fields on either side, Reynie was the only living creature around.
To an observer, Reynie might well have appeared lost and far from home, and in fact such an observer would have …

About the book

It should have been a celebration party, but now it’s another mind-bending mission for the children of The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Join Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance as they race across the globe by train, bicycle and ship to save their beloved Mr Benedict. It’s a perilous journey that will test all their unusual talents.

Sequel to the New York Times bestseller, The Mysterious Benedict Society.

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Press reviews

“Another great adventure full of clever clues and mind bending puzzles solved by four friends who find out once again how great their friendship is.”


Author notes

'I probably relate most to Reynie, who has a wry sense of humor and a lot of curiosity, although I’m not half as clever as he is. I wish I had Reynie’s shrewdness and his gift of perception, just as I wish I could read as quickly and remember as well as Sticky does, and be as acrobatic as Kate, and have a fraction of Constance’s ability to say what she thinks.'

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