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Raven Charming knew there was only one Golden Rule in life.

If anything strange happened – unexpected good luck, objects moving by themselves, the blossoming of inexplicable smells – Mum said just to remember the Golden Rule: Deny Everything.

Which wasn’t always easy to follow, particularly when you had a sister like Rookery. Luckily for Raven, most people believed that everything about witches belonged in fairy tales.

About the book

When there’s a murder in Twinhills and a hag is heard howling at the inn, Raven Charming realizes she may not be the only secret witch in the village.

She could have a rival – one who practises the worst kind of magic. With the help of amateur sleuth, Mortimer Scratch, and Nightshade, a talking cat with a feline sense of detection, she sets out to solve what’s been going on …

Bestselling middle-grade author Nicki Thornton, author of The Last Chance Hotel, embarks on a fantastical new mystery series following beloved Nightshade, the talking black cat, on a brand new adventure.

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