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It’s kind of funny how quickly you get used to the bodies. The man was laid out in the middle of the road outside our house. He wasn’t there last night when I put the bins out so he must have dropped dead on his way to work. Train station was at the bottom of the hill, made sense. Of all the ways there are to go nowadays, this seemed like one of the dullest. ‘Hey, Bari, when was the last Dearly Departed report in our area?’ My screen lit up with the computer-generated face of a Bernese mountain dog. You could pick any avatar for Bari, but I always wanted a dog. Besides, a digital dog doesn’t poop, doesn’t need feeding, and won’t slow me down when the inevitable end of the world arrives.

About the book

A high-concept enemies-to-lovers romance – sure to be a BookTok hit!

Good news: we all have a soulmate somewhere.

Bad news: it’s caused by a deadly virus. If you feel pain, your KinTwin does too. If you die – they die too.

Control-freak Zoe is determined to stay alive. And single. She carries a survival kit for every eventuality, except for when her phone lights up with a blood match to Milo Spencer, a boy who lives for recreational danger.

Time to find a cure before love wins – or worse …

  • A brand-new high-concept speculative romance story from the author of My Love Life and the Apocalypse
  • An enemies-to-lovers soulmate story
  • Perfect for fans of They Both Die at the End

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Rights sold: France (Michel Lafon), Germany (Magellan)