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The house was all in darkness, and the storm was still raging outside – just as it had been when I’d gone to bed a few hours before. But I wasn’t in my bed now. I was standing at the top of the stairs, with no memory of how I had got there. Had I been sleepwalking? I was in my nightdress, and the floorboards were cold as glass beneath my bare feet.
‘Aunt Christina? Father?’ I called, but there was no reply. Lightning flashed, sudden and blinding white. I gripped the banister to steady myself, to steady my heart. Thunder crashed above the city and rain hammered on the roof and windows, pounding a pulse in my brain – frightened and furious. Was it the storm that had woken me? Or was it something else? I made my way down the stairs and out of the kitchen door, into the walled garden. I remember the wind and rain striking hard, making me gasp. Fallen leaves slimed wet between my toes and my nightdress clung heavy and cold.

About the book

A twisty-turny shadowy mystery from highly-acclaimed and Waterstones Prize-shortlisted author Lucy Strange. 

Abandoned at a boarding school on a wild and remote island, Faye Fitzgerald discovers that she and the other pupils have been sent there for doing something wicked.

But what is it that Faye has done?

She might be bold enough to tackle the sinister mysteries of the island, but has she the courage to face the secrets deep within herself?

A stunning new tale from the Queen of Gothic, Lucy Strange – author of The Secret of Nightingale WoodSisters of the Lost Marsh, The Ghost of Gosswater and the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted Our Castle by the Sea

A masterful blend of thrilling Gothic mystery, a touch of magical realism and stunning writing, all wrapped up in a twisty-turny plot

Perfect for fans of Frances Hardinge and Emma Carroll

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Rights sold: UK Audio, Holland, Hungary