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While working in a nature reserve, Rhi stumbles upon a pack of wolves guarding four ‘wild’ girls, one of whom is injured. They explain they’re lost princesses raised by a dead man called Mother.

Shocked, Rhi takes them to hospital, all the while plagued by memories of her own family trauma. Surely, the girls have been abducted – misled – abused? And yet Rhi can see a special bond that blurs fantasy and reality.

As the media circus around them grows, Rhi and the girls must confront the demons of the past to decide on their future.

  • An unflinching and ambitious novel by debut author Madeline Claire Franklin, an outstanding new talent.
  • Perfect for fans of The Hazel Wood.
  • A gripping exploration of trauma and the pressures placed on young women in a modern society.


‘A compelling, thoughtful, and original debut.’ KIRKUS

‘Tender and raw, this debut isn’t afraid to dig into the agonizing interior lives of teen girls, the ways our world tries to break them, and the bonds they create to survive it.’ BOOKLIST


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