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‘. . . and no one is to froth cappuccinos with a thunderbolt, no one is to turn anyone into a warthog and no one is to fart the national anthem. Are we clear?’
Elliot spoke sternly to the array of ancient Greek immortals cleaning his kitchen. For most people, this might be odd. But for Elliot Hooper, this was just another Friday.
‘Roger that – receiving loud and clear, old boy,’ said Zeus, King of the Gods, scraping the grease off the oven with the tip of a golden thunderbolt. ‘Bestest behaviour. You can count on us.’

About the book

Elliot Hooper’s life has got worse. To save his mum he must now go beyond the mortal realm on an odyssey of his own.

What of the heroes and monsters he’ll meet? Odysseus himself, Poseidon, a Cyclops or three, not to mention the ever-evil Daemon of Death. At least he has cosmic shipmates to help: Zeus, Virgo and Hypnos. Right?

This is no ordinary boat trip and it might just take them to the bottom of the ocean for a potion that may not even exist . . .

The raucous third book in Maz Evans’s divine Who Let the Gods Out? quartet. 

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